How are the Best Employers Using Video to Attract Talent?

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As I’ve preached before, using video as a job recruiting tool can be extremely effective for brining in applicants. Video serves as a great screening tool to attract (or shy away) the right candidates, and, if done properly, has the potential to score 236% more applications for a job opening.

Don’t just take it from me though – read about how some of these employers are using video to successfully attract more top talent to their job openings.

1. CloudLock


Employer branding videos, puppets, chicken llamas and office parties. That’s all you need to say about CloudLock’s digital recruiting strategy. Stumbling across their Careers page was probably the most fun I had all day, as they dazzled with heartfelt employee videos, entertained with puppets in a conference room and just showed-off their office culture on Halloween.

The beauty about CloudLock’s video recruitment strategy is that it isn’t just one size fits all. It expresses videos made professionally, semi-professionally (in-house production) and passively (running and gunning around the office with a GoPro).

Throw these videos in with slick website design and you have yourself an award winning recruitment strategy on your hands. Very nicely done CloudLock.

2. BambooHR


What better way for an HR software as service to flex its muscles than an amazing recruiting video strategy?

The BambooHR Careers page utilizes a video overlay as it’s first featured content piece, which is collection of gorgeous Utah scenery and a few shots of inside the office. What’s neat about this video is one, it’s silent so it doesn’t distract the reader from their flow of browsing, and two, it shows off the company mission.

BambooHR preaches to it’s applicants that the employees there work hard, but also have a life outside of work, and that’s important. This overlay video expresses this mission without having to say a word.

Which brings us to the next featured video: The Employer Branding video.

This beautiful compilation of employee stories is all you have to know about BambooHR as a company. As the final quote from one of the employees states (seemingly the CEO or President):

“We genuinely want our employees to be happy, and the best way to do that is to let them lead a balanced life.” – Narrator

That’s a reflection of company culture if I’ve ever seen one.

3. Findaway


“Built to change lives,” Findaway’s award winning workplace is something to marvel over. Their team assembled an amazing Employer Branding video that touched on everything from culture, to employee engagement, to work/life balance and more.

If you’d like to show off your workplace with a Company Story video, give me a call or fill out a request form today.

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