Vidyard's Video Integration with Hubspot May Be a Game Changer

Vidyard’s Video Integration with Hubspot May Be a Game Changer

A huge announcement was made this year at Inbound 2018 when Hubspot stated it will be partnering with Vidyard to include on-board, native video hosting to it’s suite of marketing, sales and newly created support platforms.

Marketers will have the ability to integrate Vidyard’s video analytic tools into their Hubspot accounts and can now embed uploaded videos from within the Hubspot content editor, rather than embedding externally from a video hosting provider.

What This Means for Marketers

Video hosting platforms like Vidyard, Wistia and Brightcove offer amazing benefits for marketers in enabling video player CTAs, forms and call-out annotation links. The real benefit here though is we (video marketers) are finally getting an on-board solution for proving the value of video from within the Hubspot marketing automation platform.

Previously, video analytics data was mined from any of the external hosting platforms listed above and meticulously sifted through in order to prove a holistic ROI for a video-first strategy. Now, with this new integration, marketers will be able to track the performance of their video(s) from Hubspot’s Page Details and Reports tool.

Video Analytic Tools

What This Means for Sales Reps

Vidyard’s integration offers sales folks the ability to add video to an email right from the Hubspot email tool. This can be especially useful if reps are attempting to show a prospect a specific feature or highlight from a product or service and have a juicy video ready to go. The bonus here is that a salesperson can been notified when the prospect has not only opened that email, but when they watch the video and how much of it they consumed to monitor engagement.

Another bonus is sales reps have the ability to record their screen or webcam and send directly through Hubspot in order to send more personalized messages to prospects or clients.

What This Means for Support

With the addition of Hubspot’s Support Platform, customer support will now have the ability to share common issue solutions with video faster and more efficiently.

Think about it. Instead of sifting around for a video your company uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo about a solution a customer is having, your support team now has the ability to open a pop up window with all of your support videos organized in one folder. This sounds like quicker response times and happier customers to me.

My Take

Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of video marketing tools, and to be honest, am more on-board with Wistia’s tools at the moment, but I have to say as a Hubspot fanboy, I think this integration takes Vidyard’s tools to the next level.

“If managing clients and integrating Hubspot into their strategy, this integration offers an amazing value-add to your service so you can start promoting the usage of a video-content strategy even more.”

We’ll have to wait to see what additional advances this integration brings to Hubspot’s Marketing Automation platform, but if what’s being promoted holds true to better lead generation and customer experience, the world of video just got much more powerful.