Employer Branding Videos

Company Story Video

Employer Branding videos can be used to attract talent to your organization by showing off the company values and culture to viewers in 2 minutes or less.

Event Videos

Event Videos can be recaps, sizzle pieces, branded content or timelapse footage of corporate/non-profit events. The sky is the limit on these 3 minute or less pieces.

Branding Videos

Branding Videos

Branding Videos can be utilized as high level awareness pieces, or as the icing on a cake for a viewer or prospect to jump on board with your company’s product or service offering.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials serve as a MUST HAVE for any service organization. In 2.5 minutes or less, a viewer can learn all he/she needs to know about trusting your brand and service.

Educational Videos

Blog content, social media content, consistent YouTube content – all these are applications for Educational Videos and are a must have if you are growing your audience.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

The backbone of exemplary customer service, Tutorial Videos are a must have for organizations selling products or software.


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