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Learn about the types of videos we make to help our clients at any point of their business journey.

Employer Branding Videos

Employer Branding videos can be used to attract talent to your organization by showing off the company values and culture to viewers in 2 minutes or less.

Event Videos

Event Videos can be recaps, sizzle pieces, branded content or timelapse footage of corporate/non-profit events. The sky is the limit on these 3 minute or less pieces.

Branding Videos

Branding Videos can be utilized as high level awareness pieces, or as the icing on a cake for a viewer or prospect to jump on board with your company’s product or service offering.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials serve as a MUST HAVE for any service organization. In 2.5 minutes or less, a viewer can learn all he/she needs to know about trusting your brand and service.

Educational Videos

Blog content, social media content, consistent YouTube content – all these are applications for Educational Videos and are a must have if you are growing your audience.

Tutorial Videos

The backbone of exemplary customer service, Tutorial Videos are a must have for organizations selling products or software.

Proven Process

Proven Video Production Process

1. Discovery

We’ll map out your entire strategy¬† through a discovery call to discuss your overall goals and project ideas to get things started.


2. Creative Concepting

  • Storyboarding: Sequential shot list outlining video frame by frame
  • Animatic: Lightly animated video with added music and narration

3. Coordinating and Scheduling

  • Briefing with staff members participating in video
  • Location scout for interview and B-Roll
  • Designating rooms and space for shooting (in-office our studio)

Finalizing Pre-Production

4. Finalizing

  • Confirm script outline
  • Waivers and Releases
  • Designating rooms and space for shooting (in-office our studio)



  • 1 to 5 days of shooting on-location, depending on project needs
  • Narration/A-Roll Recorded Day 1; B-Roll filmed on additional days
Video Post-Production

6. Post-Production

  • Video editing and sequencing
  • Sound design and editing
  • Graphic and title design
  • Project revisions
  • Project encoding and delivery

Delivering Video Files

7. Delivery

All files are reviewed via Vimeo, where you can leave comments at the correct timestamp and then delivered via Dropbox in unique formats for various usage cases, like YouTube, social media and full resolution.

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