Strengthen Your Recruiting with an Employer Branding Video

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Finding new and innovative ways to attracting and retaining skilled employees is a sign of a strong organization. With the ever competing market for top talent and the growing trend of establishing a digital brand for recruiting, it’s important to use contemporary tactics to recruit job candidates for open positions.

An effective digital strategy recruiters, hiring managers and marketing departments can use to promote their company is an Employer Branding video, which is a high-level introductory look at what an organization is like both and operationally and culturally.

With the rise of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook going all in for B2B video, video is now prioritized when it comes to paid advertising

Here are 3 ways a company story video can strengthen your recruiting strategy.

1. Using Video as a Screening for Culture Fit

As much as video can play a role in attracting top-talent, it can also provide a screening process for those candidates who may not be a good culture fit. The idea of selecting candidates based on their “fit” with an organization culturally is a trend for top workplaces, and can sometimes be a differentiator between a candidate landing a second interview or failing to make the cut.

“A company story video lets you show off what makes your business so special and unique on a human level like no other medium can.” – Wistia

Video gives candidates a taste of the culture/work atmosphere that they will encounter day-to-day. With the lowering costs and equipment associated with video production and photography, it doesn’t take an entire film crew and screenwriting team to produce an authentic video representation of a company as it used to. If you’re capable, you can even shoot an entire video using just a smartphone!

AvatarFleet uses this recruiting video on it’s About Page to attract and educate potential job candidates about the culture and mission of the company.

2. Video = Long Shelf-Life

When you embark on a project like an Employer Branding video, the goal is to make the story and message stand the test of time. A video of this scale is long-term investment that can live on the “About” page for at least a year or two. It’s worth the time and effort now so you can promote it in the future.

And yes, while social media posts from company events and outings are great for showing off culture, a video offers the chance to combine ALL of those visuals into one story, rather than multiple posts spanning the course of five to six years. Pro-tip: take advantage of those posts and include the raw video or photos in the video! It can only add to the authenticity you should be trying to portray to job candidates.

Additionally, if you’re like most recruiters, you’re posting on several different media for the job, like Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter or Stack Overflow. All of these sites include an area for a company video, so take advantage of this slot to show-off your culture.

Skoda Minotti’s Strategic Marketing division needed a video to introduce it’s services to potential clients and prospects.

3. Increase Your Chance at Page 1 Space

It’s true that online recruiting is falls in second place behind networking as the most common recruitment method, but you still need to be at the top of your game when it comes to digital search.

“What has NOT changed in online recruiting is the mission of the employer to get prospective candidates to the company’s website as quickly and directly as possible.” – ERC

This quote directly relates to the battle for a first page search listing, and involves the technical specialty of search engine optimization, or SEO to help reach that page 1 rank.

Fortunately, video hosting platforms offer a whole slew of SEO benefits built into them, so you better believe this can help your job recruiting efforts and get you to the first page of search topics. Just make sure you’re optimizing your video for search rankings.

Page 1 doesn’t just pertain to Google or Bing. YouTube is also another popular search platform that job hunters are using to find information on jobs.

With quicker upload speeds and daily releases of video content, YouTube has now become a reliable source of consistent and current information.

So there you have it. Three simple tactics for strengthening your recruiting efforts with a company profile video.