3 Takeaways from Interviews with Northeast Ohio's Top Workplaces

3 Takeaways from Interviews with Northeast Ohio’s Top Workplaces

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As a 2018 NorthCoast 99 sponsor, we had the privilege to work with three amazing organizations for this year’s Top Scorer Award Employer Branding Videos.

To give a little background, NorthCoast 99 is a program that honors 99 great workplaces for top talent in Northeast Ohio. The program consists of an application that collects information on organizational practices and an event that celebrates all of the winners.

The Top Scorer Award refers to the three highest earning organizations at a small, mid-sized and large organization level for the NorthCoast 99 application. Applicants are judged on the following categories to compile their final score:

  • Talent Attraction & Retention
  • Challenging, Meaningful Work & Professional Development
  • Compensation
  • Organizational Support & Culture

As the providing video production company for NorthCoast 99 this year, we held the responsibility of creating all video elements for this year’s event. This included various motion graphic templates, the 99 winners video, three Employer Branding videos for the Top Scorers and an Event Recap video.

As a growing small business, it was a treat to hear from some of the HR titans in the region, specifically when picking their brain about the strategies behind bringing in some of the area’s most talented job performers.

Interviewing the C-Level, HR Departments and operating employees gave me a perspective of the well-devised and heartfelt ideologies a company must hold true to in order to set itself apart from other competing companies in the region.

To recap some of the highlights from the Top Scorer videos, here are three takeaways from the interviews that we can take in stride as a small business.

1. Building a Great Workplace Starts with One

Great workplaces are founded with an underlying positive mission. That mission doesn’t change for anything or anyone, and resonates from the first hire all the way to the 900th hire. The best organizations are the ones that have the ability and confidence to screen for this mission in their application process.

Finding someone who can do the job can be hard. Finding someone who fits in with the culture can be even harder. These top companies don’t take any shortcuts, and use every way in their power to bring in the most talented and culturally fit candidates possible so there aren’t any problems 2-3 years down the road.

2. Set a Goal and Anything Can Be Achieved

Workplaces that set the goal of becoming the best employer for it’s people typically achieve that goal. Mid-Size winner, TPC Wire & Cable set forth a series of initiative to become what they call a “choice-employer” in the region less than two years ago and the ended up winning the NorthCoast 99 Award for the first time and earned the Top Scorer Award.

Many of the executives interviewed talked about how the culture was a little stale at their organization before the new initiatives for workplace engagement were set in place. Now, when talking with the employees about the culture, they had nothing but positive comments to say about things like spending time with other departments, workplace events like Spirit Week and more – all of which were initiatives TPC’s HR department set up.

This just goes to show that what HR does can have a significant impact on employee commardaree and engagement.

3. Enable Employees to Grow and Develop

Whether it’s creating resource network groups for employees or simply empowering them to explore a talent they’re thriving in, the best workplaces enable their best workers to make an impact. These workplaces find ways for enabling their employees to impact their own business as well, whether it’s through career development or even carving out a new service for the business itself.

Of course not every talent or skill can impact the structure of the business, but the underlying principle I took away was that if an opportunity presents itself and it fits the capabilities of an organization despite it’s main workplace service offering, it might be worth exploring.

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