Using Video Content In Your Buyer’s Journey

Key Takeaway:

Mapping out your buyer’s journey and filling the holes with video content gives your potential clients an opportunity to connect with your company at a more personalized level, and delivers quality content when they are most engaged with your product or service.

One of the most fulfilling exercises a marketing and sales team can do is mapping out their customer’s buyer journey. If you aren’t already familiar with this idea, it’s a good idea to go learn about it with this Hubspot blog post and start implementing this to your company strategy IMMEDIATELY.

Mapping out the buyer’s journey is an amazing way to visualize a person’s each planned interaction with your company from original point of contact, all the way to closing on a sale and renewal of service.

The buyer’s journey enables you to see what parts of a customer’s lifecycle is closely paid attention to, and which parts are slightly neglected. For example, you could have TONS of content and interactions with a lead during the nurturing process, or the awareness stage of their journey, but then you drop off from the face of the earth while they still exploring different options for their problem, or in the consideration phase. You don’t want to annoy them with check-ins and updates every day, but a steady, consistent workflow with communication points can be crucial to a lead choosing your product or finding an alternative solution.

Once you have your buyer’s journey mapped out, you can start filling the gaps with content. Most importantly, VIDEO content.

According a to a recent Hubspot survey, 62% of the consumers thoroughly digest video content rather than skimming through it. Of those surveyed, 53% said they wanted to see more video content in the future.

As the author states, “video content stands out the most, especially for younger consumers.”


Few companies are doing video right these days.

Sure, we watch commercials on TV everyday, but those are expected, and they aren’t contextual. Nine times out of ten, you’re watching TV to relax and unwind. The last thing you’re thinking about is an application of whatever product/service is being tossed at you.

Now imagine you are in full research mode trying to decide between two services you’ve been evaluating for a month. What could be a differentiator for the decision to go with your product over the competition? A strategically planned product comparison video that covers the benefits of what your company has to offer.

Another example could be the 30 day before renewal check-in. Think about how forgettable an email is at this point. It is just another thing to think about for ten seconds, then hold off on taking care of until the day before. Instead, create a personalized video for your subscribers communicating with them to be sure to pay attention to their renewal date. A face is so much more memorable than an email in the inbox.