The Role of the B2B Videographer Has Changed

The Role of the B2B Videographer Has Changed

The role of the B2B videographer has changed.

Video is an increasingly becoming standard to companies using an inbound strategy to attract, convert and support customers, so it’s no surprise that the duties a video producer have progressed as well.

Yes, it’s a traditional videographer job to know:

  • Which lenses to use in specific situations
  • What lighting setups to use during interviews
  • How to diagnose and solve specific audio/video issues on-set in a matter of minutes
  • How and what to ask interviewees in the most courteous¬†and personable¬†manner

But that’s not enough at this stage of the game.

B2B video producers are also responsible for knowing crucial video marketing ideas like:

These are just to name a few of the main marketing goals a video can possess, but all are incredibly valuable when it comes time to measuring a lead’s fit as a potential buyer.

And as much work that goes into planning the production and marketing of a video, still, the most important part of the videographer’s role is to be able to craft a story. A producer’s unique ability to tell the story of the company is what sets apart the boys from the men in terms of video production.

Take time to assess your inbound marketing goals and select a video producer that can produce, market and tell the story of your company.