3 Types of Videos to Use in Your Sales Process

3 Types of Videos to Use in Your Sales Process

Adding video to your sales cycle can be a unique way to capture your lead’s attention and engage them in a way that a call or an email just can’t achieve. Below are three types of videos you can use in your sales process to achieve a higher response rate and move more qualified leads through the funnel.

The Product Intro Video

This is a high level overview video of your product that you can shoot over to even the most lukewarm leads that appear in your cycle. Instead of trying to nail down a time to schedule a lengthy demo, send this over to your lead and watch their engagement grow, on their time. But never forget to follow up with them after you share the video, it’s important to keep them engaged when they’re at this stage of product exploration.

Bonus Tip

Analyze what part of the video the lead re-watched by using a video heatmap and keep it on the backburner for a conversation starter when you follow up

Introduce timeline chaptering in this video to help guide your viewer though each section to create the best experience possible

Use-Case Video

Are you getting the same questions from leads about your product? Introduce a use-case video to show off how your product or service really impacts a client in those specific areas. You know what benefits your product offers, now just apply these to real life situations and document the results through a short video.


A creative way to add a little more personality into your sales cycle is by walking someone through a question they have with a video response. If done smoothly and tastefully, the video can have a lasting effect and impact the way a person feels overall about doing business with your company. It also certainly beats trying to coordinate a time to show the person live, and avoids the possibility of technical difficulties with screensharing.