Mark Wayner Video and Photography Sponsors NorthCoast 99 Awards

Mark Wayner Video and Photography Sponsors 2018 NorthCoast 99 Awards

It’s with great pride to announce a formal sponsorship between Mark Wayner Video and Photography and ERC for the 2018 NorthCoast 99 employer recognition awards as an Event Sponsor.

This program celebrates Northeast Ohio’s 99 best workplaces, as awarded to the highest scoring organizations through a rigorous application process. Winners are selected based on how their policies and practices align with criteria that increase the probability they will more effectively attract and retain top performing people.

As an Event Sponsor, Mark Wayner Video and Photography will create all video and motion graphic elements for the night’s event. This includes various Company Story Videos, motion graphic elements and an event recap video.

Stay tuned for a recap of the production process, and check out my series onĀ Video for HR | Strategy and Production Tips in celebration of how the human resources department can utilize video to help humanize their brand.