Holiday Thank You Videos

How to Film Holiday Thank You Videos for Your Clients

If you’re like us, you’re thankful for every client you have, no matter what the size of the contract is. As the holidays approach, it’s finally time to start recouping, relaxing and reflecting on all the memories and business your company has achieved over the past year.

To thank your clients for a year of service, it’s always a great idea to send over a Holiday Thank You video that reiterates how much they mean to your company, and an even greater way to stay in touch with them during a potentially slow season of business.

To help brainstorm some ideas for creating memorable videos, here are three types of videos to help you film your Holiday Thank You videos this year.

1. The Personalized Thank You Holiday Video

Nothing beats the sincerity of a personalized, heartfelt message from you to your contact. The benefits from this type of video are:

  • Low production value (doesn’t cost a lot to produce)
  • Simple to coordinate and film
  • Add humor, emotion, and personal connection

Sending a polished thank you video with great audio quality and proper lighting will make your message really shine in your clients’ inboxes. All you have to worry about is delivering the message as succinct and articulate as possible and your video producer will take care of all the rest. Including logo treatment either before or after gives your video a nice polished touch.

You’ll typically be able to rip through about 15 of these in a day of shooting, and the cost would range anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 depending on the number of videos you’re looking to shoot.

Bonus Tip:

Set up individual landing pages for your clients to view the video on to make the experience as personalized as possible.

2. The Highlight Reel Holiday Thank You Video

A higher production value-oriented video will get you a message that evokes emotion, sincerity and professionalism to the maximum. That’s where the Highlight Reel Holiday Thank You video comes in.

A highlight reel video is essentially a mash-up of shots from different moments and scenes throughout an event or day at the office. It is designed to be sent out to a mass amount of clients at once rather than individual videos.

This type of video typically demands higher coordination with staff, longer shoot schedules/editing time and a delivery system like an email marketing platform to send out to the masses.

Highlight Reel Videos usually average around $2,000 – $5,000 depending on the scope of the project.

3. The DIY Holiday Thank You Video

Got a webcam and an internet connection? That’s all you’ll really need for the DIY Holiday Thank You video. This is the lowest budget option that will still resonate with your audience despite the lack of video/audio quality.

What’s typically needed for this video is any video recording extension in your internet browser, like Soapbox by Wistia, Vidyard GoVideo by Vidyard, or even easier: a cell phone camera. Simply set up your workstation, hit record and spill your guts to your clients about how you enjoyed doing business with them that year.

This is a simple solution for sending your thoughts along on the go without having to work in a video editing program that could wind up just delaying your delivery. Cost usually ranges from free to $500, which all pays for an editor to piece together the videos or upload them to a sharing site.